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Murillo Leal
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Some things really come to an end. There’s no way around it. The end is a right, but before giving up on someone, be willing to love them to the fullest under any acceptable circumstance. That’s right, before choosing to abandon a love, make sure you’ve gone as far as you could with someone. Loving is also having the courage to persist.

They told us that true love is the one that seems to be the strongest, but I realize that those who are more willing to change and are ready to make things happen are the ones who can withstand it. The most successful love is the one that becomes more resilient when it suffers a blow, and not the one that seems to never collapse downhill.

I know that many people will say that you can’t make a difference where love has already failed, but the truth is that those who say this may actually be afraid to try until it works out. We don’t want to believe that two people, despite their differences, can get along well. Love does have its thousands of tangles, but it can also be easy when it wants to be.

We have to learn that any progress only happens when we learn to silence the voices in our mind. After a while, when we are more mature, we will regret not the things we did, but the ones that went unnoticed or the ones we could have done differently. That’s maturity.

If you feel that everything is getting weird, explore simple love more. Dream together with what is important. Discover the easiest paths to stay together and truly walk in that direction. That doesn’t mean you have to negate yourself, it means you’ve learned to respect differences without imposing them.

It’s hard to deal with failure, but it’s always recommended to start over. Being successful at something that doesn’t bring peace is also not worth it. Most of our failures happen when we underestimate how far we’ve come in someone’s company and fail to value the small successes.

We have to learn to remember what makes us happy. If we learned to look less at the size of the problems and start looking more at what we can do together to solve or minimize them, we would have fewer people giving up on each other.

When we live as a couple, the most important thing is to know where we are going. If you haven’t defined well what you want, you will probably fall into any plan. Much of the stress that makes us victims comes precisely from not thinking about how to build something together. Thus, seeking fulfillment in the company of others is a reality that we can no longer live without.

Happiness today depends on money, employment, stability, personal goals. It’s at this point that we can realize that, despite something missing, we belong to each other and can pursue what is missing together. The cool thing about having someone is precisely that.

The art of living with someone is not in eliminating problems, but rather in growing with them. We cannot expect happiness to be a constant place to reach, but a turbulent way of not standing still in ourselves.

Love is not rewarded by what it will achieve in the future, but it is really in the dedication to make it last and happen that the beauty lies. Giving up on any love is giving up a bit of ourselves.

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